“I am qualified for the office of Sheriff of Jefferson County by my extensive experience and education. My integrity and commitment to public service will be my guiding principles in serving the citizens of Jefferson County. Elect me and you will get a Sheriff who is responsive to the needs of this community.”

-Harry Kozak

My Pledge To You…

I will use my expertise to guide Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department into an exceptional organization of peace officers.

Harry Kozak

I will make decisions that are rational, honest, and benefit our community and officers.

Harry Kozak

I will listen to varying points of view with respect, consideration, and act accordingly.

Harry Kozak

I will work to achieve a viable budget that will improve salaries, training, expenditures and be in line with best accounting practices.

Harry Kozak

My Commitment To The Community

  • I will demand that my employees serve the public with respect and honesty.
  • The time when the Sheriff’s office downplays a sexual harassment allegation by failing to investigate a complaint on grounds that the person complaining is not credible is over.
  • Racism, excessive force, and sexual harassment will not be tolerated in any employee.
  • All complaints of misconduct by any deputy from citizens of this County will be investigated fully.
  • I am not a member of the Fraternal Order of Police or any police union. My loyalty will lie first with the needs of this community.
  • I believe that the deputy sheriffs who serve this community are underpaid compare to the officers on the Louisville Metro Police Department even though they have completed the same training and have the same qualifications. The Sheriff of Jefferson County collects taxes but has no ability to raise taxes. I believe I that I can make the salaries of my employees more competitive by better management of resources.

Elect Harry Kozak for Sheriff – For a Safer Jefferson County.